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South India

Famous Tourist places in South India

South India with its innumerable appeals is sure to mesmerize the tourist with timeless attractions and make their vacation worthy in every term. The mysterious and everlasting beauty and the magical enviourment painted with the colorful hues of tradition, culture, heritage and enthralling history. With the major destinations of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, every taste of adventure, sea, beaches, pilgrims, wildlife and especially backwaters can be experienced with a visit to South India.

Being a part of a multidimensional country, Southern India portrays unique panorama of beauty at every corners of the zone. The backwaters of Kerala encircled by the cascading beauty of enthralling paddy fields with romantic ambience created by the charming climatic conditions is sure to fill every mind with unparallel joy and happiness. The undulating roads in the midst of the landscapes designed by the tall palm trees and house boat cruise rides creates and all together new experience. Alappuzha, Kollam, Kotayam are few examples of such backwater destinations.

Beyond all charisma remains the enchanting beauty of the entrancing beaches. The golden sand dune adorned by wonderful climatic conditions relaxes the mind and body so that all the tourists prefer to spend their vacations at these places. There are several alluring beaches, Kanyakumari beach, Karwar beach, Marina beach, Varkala beach, Kovalam beach and many others. Apart from these there are tea coffee plantations which gives an all new taste, ever tasted.

One of the key attractions of South India is the mythological influence and religious beliefs present in the people of the region. The temples of South India are so popular and pious that people from all over the country as well as foreigners who are aware of them do come for prayers, and are sincere devotees of several ashrams present here. Along with this the temples also provide excellent portrayal of archeological excellence along with historical significance.

Wildlife sanctuaries with Bandhipur National Park, Botanical Garden, Idukki National Park are worth visiting with many species enlightening the forest life.

The tradition of the country is the most important asset and that is depicted ideally in the destinations of South India. There are festivals and fairs which are unique of every religion and every race and cannot be compared in any terms to one other. It is not only a source of entertainment to the natives but also much thrilling for the visitors. Onam and Pongal are to name some few. In regards to cuisine there is absolute diversity true to its terms. With each state specialized in each cuisine with the age old famous spices of India, the taste become more than delicious. There is every facility available for the enjoyment and luxury of tourist starting from good transportation to fabulous hotels.