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Famous Tourist Places in East India

East India with its innumerable appeals is sure to mesmerize the tourist with timeless attractions and make their vacation worthy in every term. The mysterious and everlasting beauty and the magical enviourment painted with the colorful hues of tradition, culture, heritage and enthralling history. With the major destinations of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, every taste of adventure, sea, beaches, pilgrims, wildlife and especially backwaters can be experienced with a visit to East India .

One of the most integral part and the third largest state of the country is Maharashtra bounded by the Arabian Sea and forms an ideal blend of Indian heritage and the modern India. Worth mentioning is the historical background of the state where the soil has seen the legendary warriors fighting their soul for the empowerment and dethroning of the Maratha Empire. Many significant cities in the nearby places form distinctive tourist spots like Pune, Aurangabad and Nagpur with equal contribution in terms of industrial, cultural and natural excellence. The major attraction is the Film Industry based at Mumbai with glamorous artists popular all over the world. Apart from this the state has significant contribution in the field of art and culture, drama and music making it more enriching. The richness of culture is also depicted through the archeological brilliance with forts and palaces and conserving the hundreds of year’s old Ajanta and Ellora paintings and sculptures.

With interesting history and vibrant beauty, the colors of Gujarat cannot be missed by any tourist while visiting the western zone of India. The land of Gujarat is much famous for its ravishing charms through the ancient temples, the beautiful and sunny beaches, the flora and fauna, the vibrant people and the fascinating ambience. Being the home of the greatest Leader born on the soil of India, Mahatma Gandhi, the city depicts, and provides all the necessary luxury, to spend a fabulous vacation here. It provides historical places, museums, national parks and many others to bind the tourist interest. Without speaking about Goa, the description of fabulous tourist places of India can never be completed. The scenic beauty and its beguiling charm of the place are effective in attracting every soul, the reason why Goa has become so immensely popular tourist destination. Excellent Goanese food, luxury resorts with serene beauty of the golden sands, mesmerizing climatic conditions, cool atmosphere all are there in Goa to tempt every visitor and make them wish to visit again and again.

Fun, adventure and relaxing vacation is the gift of every state of Western India. With excellent transport facility, great foods and luxurious stay, this is exactly what every tourist needs.

Wildlife sanctuaries with Bandhipur National Park, Botanical Garden, Idukki National Park are worth visiting with many species enlightening the forest life.