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Famous Beaches in India

India is a glamorous destination known for its strong coastal line. There are some of the finest beaches in this country and tourists from across the world come to visit them. They have a lot of fun in these places and this becomes a remembrance of their life. You can visit some of the fabulous beaches in India and make your Indian trip a success.

Calangute Beach, Goa

The Calangute beach is the largest beach that is situated in North Goa and here lots of tourists are visited. The most popular time here for tourists is at the end of the year and in the summer season. This beach is 1853.6 km away from Delhi and it will take mostly 36 hours via traveling from the road. There are normally 4 ways to travel from Delhi to Calangute beach via train, bus, plane or car. First, you reach Margao and it is at a distance of 35 km from Calangute. There are many hotels and private resorts are available where any of the people can stay and take enjoyment at the beach. Here many of the best foods are available for the customer like North Indian food, Chinese, Italian food, Seafood, Continental, Fast-food, Deserts, Casual dining and many more types of food are available here easily.

Mandvi Beach, Gujarat

The Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is situated in Diu and Gujarat. Here you will see white sand and the fishing villages and this is the very best place for the new couples who are beach lovers. Here you will see the windmills on one side and at another the blue water. Here is the best time to visit is between September to May month. You can easily reach Mandvi Beach by train, plane, or via the road. There are many five-star hotels and resorts are available with the best facility to stay. Here you can do all types of water activities like swimming, surfing, parasailing, water skiing, etc. Here you will get good vegetarian food with a delicious taste. This beach is 1015 km away from Delhi and the nearest station is Okha. You will get all the transport facilities from here to Mandvi.

Paradise Beach, Pondicherry

Paradise Beach was also known as a Plage Paradiso and is located at the Chunnambar. Paradise Beach is very attractive and that is very clear and the water is also crystal clear. Here are the famous houses near the Cuddalore main roads which are the famous Chunnambar resorts. To visit here November to March months is the best time to visit here. It is 2375.6 km away from Delhi so you can travel via train, plane but you should travel some distance by Auto taxi also and if you are having a car then you easily reach here. The customers are first reached at Pondicherry and from there you will get auto to reach Paradise Beach. Mostly you can prefer your own food before visiting Paradise beach because there is not the best quality of food you will get easily.

Agardanda Beach

This is a wonderful beach located in the Indian state of Maharashtra. There is also a Dighi port and this falls across a narrow creek. You can celebrate your vacations on the beach and get a beautiful view of Jangira fort. This area is surrounded by all three sides by the sea. You will see the majestic beauty of nature. The beetle nut and the coconut trees enhance the beauty of this place. Apart from this, it is also a place for transition and ferries ply throughout the day in regular time intervals. There is a banyan tree at jetty and you can see this from faraway places.

Alapuzza Beach – Refresh with wave sounds and Golden Sand

Kerala is one of the hottest destinations for a domestic or global tourist when it comes to having fun on the beaches. One of the best beaches located in the Allepy district is Alapuzza beach. It is a magnificent beach with a park near it. You can also see the Alapuzza lighthouse when you are on the beach. Allepy or Alapuzza is a backwater country and referred to and also called Venice of the east.

Chapora Beach

This beach is located in North Goa and is located at a distance of ten kilometers from Mapusa. It is situated nearby Chapora fort. You can get some good seafood near this beach if you are a foodie.

Varkala Beach, Kerala

Varkala Beach that is also known as Papanasham Beach it is situated in the Varkala municipality of Trivandrum city that is the capital of Kerala state. Varkala Beach is the best holiday destination where tourists get peaceful vacations. This is a place that is very much popular for the spa, ayurvedic centers, and mineral springs and for the best treatment therapies. You can visit here at any time to get enjoyment. You can travel here by air, train or by road but you will not come here directly. The near airport is Trivandrum International airport which is a distance of 51 km, the nearest railway station is Varkala that is 3 km away and by road you can visit here through Varkala.

When it comes to beaches in India, the first thing that will come to your mind is excitement and fun. You can stay in some of the exclusive resorts on the beaches and have fun along with your lover or wife. It will really be an amazing experience that you will cherish throughout your life.

When you travel to the south, you will find some gorgeous beaches. Kovalam is one such beach in the southern part of India. You have the opportunity to have some good seafood at this beach. You can also have to massage of the body at this beautiful beach located in Kerala. It will really be an amazing holiday for you and your lover.

The beaches in India reflect a special aura. They have diverse beauty. Some are calm with golden sands and breeze. There are somewhere you can also have sunbathing and have an amazing experience. You should really take some tips from the tourism experts before you plan to spend some days on a particular beach. It will really be a refreshing experience. Going deep into the waves of the beaches of India will provide relaxation of body, mind, and soul and it will indeed be a wonderful experience. You will really cherish these magic moments. There are many famous beaches in India but you should have long holidays to see them all.